which one is you?

We remain a child in our heart..unless a tragedy robs that innocence and naughtiness ..that nick to tease and blurt..it is good to be happy …we remain naughty forever in life.
Sweet and naughty drives you crazy…and arrogance with naughty brings you tears, Crafty and naughty makes you scared ..and naughty with naughty is an affair 🙂
Playfully naughty is desired by most..others are lost ..this one we boast.


In or out

Either come in

Or stay out

Don’t linger on door

As if you forgot

Who  waits for you

Who knows you are out

It is about

Heart and loving thoughts

Hope is..

Life has a purpose and we hope for that to become reality. We hope for a better result , a better life and most of all we hope we become better person. Learn something new, do things more precisely, avoid mistakes..dodge them if not overcome.
But, each day we have a hope, till we have it nothing is lost but the moment you find that hope is going to disappear with a last hip hop..that’s the time to catch it..for without hope nothing can be achieved.
Remember one thing, sadness not the tragedies , but sadness low feelings or bad mood are the retarders and these diminish your hope. try to be positive and one day you can be what you wanted to be hopefully.
I didn’t include tragedies, because that has happened and you can not bring it back or change that, all you can do is move on..if that’s at all possible and hope for something else or someone else..Life never is a game..although we have team work, we enjoy the victories and fear the loss, we have a time and after that..time out..but we can not play it..we have to live it my friends..

want to know

Discover Me… You want to know me? Then you have to understand me..My mind. my mood..my thoughts and my intentions too.
You want to open me ? Did you bring a hammer to bash me open, or fingers to untie the knot..or words to enter my head..You want to challenge me? What did you prepare..a question or a riddle..or perhaps a million dollar invention…
You want to befriend me :))) just your loving heart and broad mind..that is all we need..for friends are for all times..no need to understand just be as you are and feel free..its not a captivity..its not a deal..no trade..no exchange..just me and you..bring yourself..and I am here for you :)))

Men are smart and others are smarter

Men in general…are good at geography..they appreciate the topography and adjust to volumes and depths…measuring calculating..evaluating ..and they remember ..each move and curve..smart men are very much enjoyable…smarter ones are more desirable ?
Men are normally in competition , sometimes we women others with men..some how one feat done next to be conquered. One assignment completed another to be sought, award or reward there is no end. Women are also doing same perhaps..but I have seen men ..of course not all ..just few..but those I did were like smart and more smarter 🙂