Questions and answers, dreams and screams
looks and sees, with love and ecstasy
fears swells and tears flows through
eyes they hold me, and tells you to wait for me
one blink, or a wink, makes you think so differently
eyes are bright and free, illuminates hearts not streets



Lips so red and close,makes men feel nervous

particularly if wife is near,then they think oh! dear




did my anxiety showed, when i got so close

Coins on the brass tray

My father used to empty his pockets and  keep the coins on the tray. This was my  solvent bank, where I can always borrow never to return. Every day, the street vendors would pass my house calling out the items for sale.I called them from the window and ran to the door for buying various things.

I would pick up the coins from this very brass tray, that was refilled each day. I never thought that it was stealing, because nobody told me that, how could they. no one was there when I used to pick up the coin to buy something.

I am certain, that my father knew about my habit of picking up coins, but he never stopped me.When, the brass tray would get too many coins, then he would wrap the coins with brown paper. Hundreds of each, and I was the one who counted for making the rolls. 

Years passed and I never felt that my pocket money was insufficient, for my supplies were from the brass bank :))

Lovers :) ( poet unknown )


You make me feel special

You make me feel new

You make me feel loved

with everything you do


You hold me close to your heart

You wipe tears from my face

Every Time we are together

it is the perfect place

My eyes lit up when you enter  a room

All the darkness disappears , and no more gloomy atmosphere

When things get worse, you make it clear

I love the way you kiss me

the way you hold me tight

I love you, Love you tonight 


Remember Me ( by Sapphire Kroptorite)


It was the spring time

Rain was falling

The sky had no shine

I was standing in the middle of the road

Even though I am gone Please Remember me


my last sight was of you crying

I knew you were true

I’ll be on my way to heaven now

And though I am dying, Please Remember me


You called out my name

But I was gone

Your words were too late

I left you alone in this cruel world

But with my song, You’ll remember me


They all say forget

It is now a memory

But you will never forget

What’s close to you

but.I love you and you still love me