Sharing childhood times

I am the only sister of my two elder brothers. that is simply awesome. Because, everyone takes care of me.Pick or drop, shop or ride, you name it and my two brothers are always there to help me. As, a trio we shared everything, all toys were ours, yes, so we treated that as common . Evening, I would wash my tea set and fill the tea pot with one cup of tea, and placing all the small cups on the saucers, I will at least pour it thrice, to fill and refill, we three would be in a meeting, discussing how to take down mangoes from the tree.

They had a table tennis, cycle , cricket etc, I played in all games. Slowly, I was thinking and acting like them. my school friends would shy away from boys, but I was used tot hem. Sometimes, the boys would tell me, I am your brother too.But, somehow, I was arrogant, and would quickly deny. No, you are not my brother, I have my two brothers and they are are not :))

my eldest brother was like mentor, he would do many things for us two, Like fighting for our rights with our parents, at young age he would do hunger strike too. I am amazed at his leadership.The middle one, being the most pampered for his looks and brains, would always have some brilliant ideas, like fixing the electricity supply by cutting all the extension wires, latter nothing is useful anymore.

I was a bit of  a dork, One day, standing on the landing , without thinking , I poured a glass of waster over the head of a fat boy..he came chasing up the stair sand I ran down, and kept on running till I got myself behind a teacher.

So, we shared all thing and all secrets :))

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