As a child , I was very much afraid of beggars..those on wheels..in my dream the beggar would get up from his wooden plank and chase me..and I would wake up with a fright.So..yes..I was timid. One day, my grandma forgot to pick me up, if I would have been a normal kiddo..I may have left the school, as my house was just within a walking distance..but I kept waiting..staring at the gate..hoping someone would remember me, remind my grandma..after 2 or 3 hours, I finally saw my grandma..she was as much as glad as I was, but of course I did some tantrums..cried ..made a fuss..but inside , I was like so happy..you know why..because I thought if I walk out of the school gate, some who kidnap me and miame me for becoming a beggar..it was a fear.. that made me wait..

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