Paths ( Mill Valley Cabins)



The paths are many, some lead to my valley

where the cabin is built, it had roofs with grass…

yes growing a garden over head

the inmates are artistic..that got a touch

and you can dwell in mind about making it much

the scenery  and the house are like from a story..but real

I don’t have any idea ..but I want to share..what this cabin in the valley made me aware

It is never lonely,with people being absent

Its never gloomy if your work is your passion

its rather a secluded corner, where art can flourish and grow

just like the green path way, I use to come and go 🙂

Each time you want to feel nature some more

walk around the forest, it has in store

Flowers, seasonal and evergreen in rows


One comment on “Paths ( Mill Valley Cabins)

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