James was  beside Rosea Black, he had asked the doctor to take very good care for a quick recovery. Rosea managed few tears and then fainted. Nurses were attending her and James was told to leave. Helen was waiting at home for James.

James, ” I am feeling sad “

Helen,” That is very natural. You lost your child!”

Helen hugged James , for a long time.She wanted to make him feel that things would be just fine.

Helen,” Don’t worry. After I leave you in a year’s time. You two can get back together and maybe, you will get Rosea pregnant again ..hmm”

James, twitched ,” No.. I mean. I don’t know “

Helen,” Look, I am also pregnant with your child and I can feel how depressed Rosea must be at losing her’s “

James,” How can you talk so subjectively..I am amazed at your impersonal behaviour”

Helen,” meaning what exactly?”

James,” Meaning this simply , you are my wife and you are talking about my lover who lost her child, are not..”

Helen.” ssssh.. someone would hear you!”

James,” I really don’t care..I am just ..lost”

Helen.” I can not comment..on that.”

James.. did not like it much that Helen was comfortable with Rosea. But, he was suppose to be relieved. James..was confused. Why? 

Rosea Black recovered . Helen, left in a week back to resume her classes at MIT, Boston.

Tony, called Alfred and asked him to meet Helen, at MIT. Alfred, wanted to know why..but Tony only said, that its urgent. Rosea, asked James to meet Helen.. matching the time with Alfred. Hoping, that he catches the two .

Helen unaware of this, was taking her usual bath when the door bell rang. 

Helen.” Who is it? ” 

Alfred,” It is me “

Helen opened the door and with a smile greeted Alfred. They both walked in and Alfred was admiring the  luxury of the apartment, that James had given to Helen. Still wet from bath  Helen asked Alfred to be comfortable as she would get dressed.

Alfred was sitting at the living room watching news with helen in the bedroom.

The front door keys turned


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