The revenge ( A story retold )

The  night before the wedding. The night the groom is really uneasy, he has ideas going round, mostly  his thoughts of love and ecstasy  for tomorrow’s wedding night. It is late..almost midnight  but there is still much fun fare going on, his room lights go off, is it a fuse? Then suddenly,the door gets a knock, he opens to find, his wife to the dark . She got a scarf, she blindfolds him..and they fuse as one. This was but natural. Then, she picks up the sheet to cover herself, as she is about to leave..reaching the door, she turns on the light. She is not the bride..but her step sister..the impostor.who has stolen his virginity and lost hers too. She drops a piece of  paper.He picks it up and reads, ” I was always given the worn clothes, used shoes, torn books from your bride to be..tonight I give her , a second hand , used her husband. I took revenge..tasted felt good. You will remember me..every night.”

One comment on “The revenge ( A story retold )

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