Final Salute

In one life span, I found loving hearts, great minds and good souls. I also, found some who had all the three..they are my friends. One of those, left me..she died..far and away from me. I was not told by  her family..but in my dreams..she appeared..looking very beautiful..wearing a green sari and she looked amazingly fresh and sweet..I saw her walking away..she came to tell me..that she was going..from my life forever..on 8th  of September she died and 9th November would be her birthday..I called..but no one I panicked and made  my mother call..she had died..I knew..she was  suffering from tumor..but my heart was praying for a recovery..When..I saw her in my dream..I was so happy..seeing her before..Even now..I can hear her call my name .lovingly..telling me not to over eat 🙂 Since, my childhood ..we were friends.never did we fight..last time we met I took a sari for her as a gift and she bought me a dress although I earlier liked it and finding it too expensive didn’t buy..but she  somehow had bought it. I don’t know, if anyone can understand me better than her..if not..then I have lost that too..a friend.who understood me, accepted me as I am and loved me for was no trade no deal..just my friend and me.

My salute to her, for everything …. world in a good place..but its lonely without you.


3 comments on “Final Salute

  1. grishmanphotography says:

    Nicely written , hop that you are all right…

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