Obsessed ..with his woman ! really

Women have one very interesting agenda..hmmmm  ” man” measure of all things, does measure  with eyes too.

So, we the fair sex, must keep our eyes open and notice..what he is up to 😉

If you are wearing a jeans, and he puts his hands in your back pocket ..what does it mean..checking your cash..bum..or just …oh!!!

Keeps on pulling you close,  you are going in the wrong direction ? or going with another person 🙂 

Gets cuddly..connected ,or is just so tired that he wants a support what is more convenient than your shoulders .

Leans forward and touches your forehead..a sweet reminder that you are shorter than him.

Constantly touches your knees..yep.he is hard..in head 

playful..really..all this emotional passionate sessions..he was just playing :)))


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