Silently my memory pass by me

There was many time in life, that I took you for granted. I knew, no matter how long we never chat, yet we can continue our conversation without any effort. You would bring a small plate filled with milk for the stray cat, that looked miserable. It had no beauty, except for its innocence. You would always take the little kitty inside, hide for a day or two and then give a name too. Never, could you escape the sneezing from touching the furry little cat, but you held close and smiled.I remember, you also took in the goose, and ducks from a plot that had a puddle and was now going for reconstruction.Your house had a huge lawn, pond but I am sure your heart had enough space to occupy all those who needed shelter.

I was your buddy, and still am. I can not be as good, wise, helpful and loving as you were all your life. Now, I am alone as I know, you are gone and will be no more to tell me not to do or what to do, when things change.

I had hope beside me to fight death, but no one can win when it’s time to go. I watched you go, all I got now with me are sweet memories. I know, one thing for sure, I will love you till, it is time for me to go.

I sit alone, not on the tree with you plucking fruits in the afternoon, walking over the sunshade of rooms nor am I jumping from the roof to roof, as you guide me . I am alone with only your memories.

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