Crime vs Punishments


The severe crime the harder the punishment. Justice and the system to confirm is rather crucial. If not guilty, then should not be punished but in case guilty, there can be two ways to deal with that criminal. First, to forgive on humanitarian basis and second to punish to save humanity.

The question is , what is more important and for whom? Who would decide what is the true justice. People vs people. Many times, we find hue and cry over eye for an eye, some think it would make everyone blind. Few, think it would stop anyone from blinding others. 

Criminals pour acid on girls, if we pour acid on them? Will, that stop others from pouring acid too? many you can kill before someone hangs you?  The system, reviews many aspects..But one thing must be constant..each human has to be judged on the crime , to stop it from repeating..don’t make  it easy for criminals and criminal minded people to justify their crimes. You can never justify your action of blinding another, killing a person, pouring acid  or any offense that is shameful for humanity. Why? The question is why the victim have sympathy for you, when you did harm to an innocent person.Why..should you see and other you can turn blind and go  free? Your right is not more than your fellow being. 

Equality and Justice, are two ideas that each one of us must agree. Always have guts to find the real criminals and punish them, don’t give leverage to the offenders.

Be safe..

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