Grey is spreading

There was a time, when black and white was order of the day. Rights were upheld and favors were only for special cases. Slowly, this changed, it happened when values were not valued anymore. 

The only thing, matters is money. Those, who have  financial strength, they have political will. They make laws to suit their business, the loop holes are embedded as a fine print, stating any special case would be at the discretion of the authorized officer.

This last statement, begins the ordeal in the life of each individual, who is ordinary. There is nothing special about that case, it must be passed on merit. It has a right to pass, but it can be stopped by a person who has certain power, making this his discretion.

If, now you want to challenge his decision, he will stop you, by showing you his power. He has easily turned your right into a favor. Welcome to the grey zone, this is a very tensed area,predators are lurking without any shadows. They strike and will kill you, without spilling any blood, your inner soul is their target. If, you want to get your work approved, you must pay to get out of this zone. There is just a back door, the lock has no keys, but you can borrow those, if you are ready to this sly shrewd officer in charge.

Yes, he is in charge of making your life miserable. His bank balance keeps on increasing, but he seldom has need to withdraw his salary. The black money stacks up.Then the government formulates a rule, gives a date ,where you can just state the amount you got, in your black money account. Pay a little and you own that as white money.

You have deprived the people of their right and you have been given a right to make that white !

Grey..will spread now even faster..and soon we are forgetting when it was black and white, now world has become more is more relaxed for those who can bewitch and disappear.No questions asked..just accepted for money is power..

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