The last call

The girl was  intelligent and charming but the young man was very handsome and strikingly attractive. He was always so quiet. She found him magnetic. In the whole group, he would listen only to her requests. She was convinced, that he loved her. She did  many things for him, but he never took her seriously. Then one day, he left for abroad. There he found a girl, just as beautiful as he was handsome. he forgot, all about the girl back home. She sent him emails and  called. He ignored..then, finally he returned, broken heart. His family, was against that beautiful girl due to culture difference.

They could be together again, she loved him too much..but then he told her, that while with that girl he never thought about her. He didn’t return for her. Only for his family. The girl accepted it. She felt used, to an extent abused. But then, he never did force himself on her. She wanted him, perhaps more than he did. She decided to leave him, so as a final goodbye. She met him once again. In her heart, it was the last time.

He left. She tried to call him , for she was missing him already. But, he got angry with her calls. She again decided to leave him. That day, when she got a call, she told him. I am leaving you forever.

He said, ” You mean. If I come in front of you , your will not wince or feel anything.

Girl “NO.”

Handsome man, ” Sure?’

Girl “YES.

This time she kept her words. She left him. After three months, she was attending a party. Old group was there, a common friend’s wife told her. That handsome know..the green eyes..and tall.


He committed suicide.

The girl was devastated. She hid her tears. Looked away. But, she felt depressed and lonely. The next month, she kept on crying and hiding her tears. Didn’t know, what to do.

That morning, she was all ready. It was her graduation. But, she felt sad. Still missing the green eyes. As, her car  came to a stop signal, in the rear view mirror, she could see him! He was alive. He never died.

It was like, she got her smile back.The day was amazing. That burden, on her chest was lifted. Vanished!!!

That day, she wrote him her email. She told him. I loved you once, but lost you thrice. First time, you left, second when you died and lastly, when you came alive..but you know are not worth anything..not my tears not my  love. You couldn’t take the fact, that I can leave you, so you made this story about your suicide..

I am out of your life, and my love for you will not make the last call. I will make the last and final call, to love my life, as it is worth living even without eyes.


Nightmares haunts

Violence surrounded everyday . Mind was getting filled with daily reports. Violence was increasing, women were targeted.So, much so that it became a nightmare. Sleeping, this nightmare would appear, a girl wearing a white dress, but faceless. She is walking  on a lonely path, it is dark and cold. No body, then suddenly there is light..a car is approaching. The car stops and men so many..they are multiplying..all are bad..the nightmare has begun..the girl senses the threat..she starts to run..but the men are drunk and rough, they also want to chase her, for they are getting pleasure out of the fright they have  induced in this lonely girl.

I am behind them, but I am flying..I know what  is going in their mind..I come down. But, they are attacking the girl..more screams and is too much..I take a knife and slash those men..throats..I am a killer..I am trying to save a girl..but I am killing so many men..they are the disguise. My mind tells me, kill them..they are not real men.. I kill..and they fall..I got a heap  of dead bodies..Where is the faceless girl..She is gone.Oh! why didn’t she disappear before I killed those men. They must be a husband, a father, a son ..but they were trying to ..but..I hear sirens..police have come.. they find me with the dagger dripping with blood..I am arrested..tried and sentenced to be killed. My story about a faceless girl is all fabricated, no trace of any girl..anywhere..then I am alone and time to be killed..I walk humbly..head down..then suddenly, I got my wings back and I fly away..up..towards the sky..I am free..I must have been killed by the firing squad..