Sky -( picture by Deepak Ghosh)

Sky -( picture by Deepak Ghosh)

Who got not me
sky got red reflection on sea
makes it double in, intensity
when sun will disappear, nothing would be
angry or bitter, that when all sleep
unless, the naughty lightning comes crackling
and tease..the angry sky that was red early.


7 comments on “Sky -( picture by Deepak Ghosh)

  1. ericmvogt says:

    Shades of Red

    Penned passions come in shades of red,
    a scarlet sheet upon our bed,
    the flushed emotion and the sigh,
    the lips pursed when I stroke your thigh,
    tilt tongue, juices of poetry,
    the way that you encompass me,
    the arched sun when she dips to die,
    the look of love’s beam in your eye…


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