Nightmares haunts

Violence surrounded everyday . Mind was getting filled with daily reports. Violence was increasing, women were targeted.So, much so that it became a nightmare. Sleeping, this nightmare would appear, a girl wearing a white dress, but faceless. She is walking  on a lonely path, it is dark and cold. No body, then suddenly there is light..a car is approaching. The car stops and men so many..they are multiplying..all are bad..the nightmare has begun..the girl senses the threat..she starts to run..but the men are drunk and rough, they also want to chase her, for they are getting pleasure out of the fright they have  induced in this lonely girl.

I am behind them, but I am flying..I know what  is going in their mind..I come down. But, they are attacking the girl..more screams and is too much..I take a knife and slash those men..throats..I am a killer..I am trying to save a girl..but I am killing so many men..they are the disguise. My mind tells me, kill them..they are not real men.. I kill..and they fall..I got a heap  of dead bodies..Where is the faceless girl..She is gone.Oh! why didn’t she disappear before I killed those men. They must be a husband, a father, a son ..but they were trying to ..but..I hear sirens..police have come.. they find me with the dagger dripping with blood..I am arrested..tried and sentenced to be killed. My story about a faceless girl is all fabricated, no trace of any girl..anywhere..then I am alone and time to be killed..I walk humbly..head down..then suddenly, I got my wings back and I fly away..up..towards the sky..I am free..I must have been killed by the firing squad..

3 comments on “Nightmares haunts

  1. Eric says:

    No, Kala, you are mounting up with wings of eagles… 😀

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