are we progressing ?

Societies are destablizing, values are changing in the name of acceptance, the dark side is becoming a part of the light. People are independent  and have now become lonely. Technology has advanced and connections are made possible to distant strangers, but those nearby are never getting connected. Land gets developed and structures come up and quickly disappear, landmarks vanish and the cities face changes so often, we hold on to the historical sites for maintaining some relationships. Food preparations are getting mixed up, that taste buds are getting confused 🙂

Hybrid vegetable and fast growing fruits, got a huge size but no taste. Those who eat are also similar,,yes got size no taste..waist line is becoming longer than shoulder and feet are getting invisible. Richer are getting richer…poor poorer and middle income, they are hanging from top and trying to escape from the pull below.

The education system has loaded students with opportunities and avenues with diversity, yet the minds remain puzzled. Nations are losing nationalities, cultures are getting all mixed up. Reglions are there and would remain, but followers..they are going haywire.

People have made their self/ego/me their gods, each one bowing to what pleases their inner will. Lost the very thought of behaving properly, becaue that has become out dated. Too many debates on is being good actually right.When it comes to being either, no one in sight.

Life has become healthy and people do live longer, but life has become empty and spirit a wanderer. Beliefs and faith seems a terminologies used in years thats passed. The new thinking has faith only on production capacity and consumer marketing.

AS, if we come on earth to sell, ourselves and our aim is to get a good buyer. A multinational compay or a rich nation. Anyone who can pay my price, my tag says sold! I am happy too, otherwise I have no value. Auctions of cricketers are increasing, soon we will find ourselves auctioned in general. Infact, countries like India, Pakistand and Bangladesh the grroms are auctioned..the bride side pays a huge sum as per the quailification of the groom.I thought slavery was out dated, yet this is introduced in a new way.

Save earth! heard this slogan and re-use  is another way to turn green 🙂 Saw pictures of transported empty iron containers adorning cities, is that re-use or misuse of an important piece of land? It is like serving crmbs with ketchup on a billion dollar plate, well land is expensive to serve the container is it not 🙂

Politicians got ways, and each one can speak and promise many things , but few can be chased to see , whether promise was kept. Leaders are they leading or being secretly led by an underground world mafia.

I ask again..are we progressing 🙂


reasons he is uninterested

Ever thought..seriously..why he was so much in touch and no heart feels lost and woeful.Don’t look at me..I am not a man..I am a woman who have experienced, this unfriendly attitude..much too often.

Let me tell you rather remind you, about this hunter instinct in a man. He is actually discovering you, your  physical appearance seemed obviously, he wants to know how you are as a person. That is why he was so much interested in you.

Then ? 

Then he found out that you are not what he was actually looking for in a person. So, he tells you by action and not words..

NO ! what part of no you don’t understand. Answer is  the beginning with end..But, ladies please open your eyes and mind, and close your mouth.. tight listen carefully..there are five reasons for his recent u-turn.

1. You are not what you projected. You are not a fake, but he is also not into a false pretense.

2. He got a life and you are not his life.

3. He really is a hunter and not changing his profession to a farmer, your grass land is infertile for his liking/ crops.

4. He got a real interest in another girl friend and he is already  checking her out. Your time is over and out.

5. He goes offline when you come online, he acts busy when you are free. He knows your schedule too. he is avoiding you!!!

Got it 🙂 

Next time..what? time  don’t take any man seriously..yes..unless he becomes your man 

The performing art, visuals and literature

What is so appealing in art form that makes us remember and relate. The very power of performance, the dialogues. The moments, when we feel sad  they make us happy, while smiling sometimes we cry, in depression and suddenly get high and when angry , we settle down and avoid to get fried.

The performing art has power to change moods, induce  feelings and we borrow it frequently, because we think it is exactly depicting our senses, with better expressions.

So, in short, we become fans/ followers and we tend to look and read those that our favorites  do new. We love them and respect them, because they can make us live the human nature at its finest

Culture, customs and beliefs are transferred from generations. we dress, eat and dance due to many historical events. Climate and technologies also play its part, but now that world is getting global and no wonder, it is warming up !! so melt down and count down may one day begin.

It is simple,that our hearing, seeing, speaking and listening are woven by feelings, like a song having a melody, a tune played with words and sung once  by the singer, and repeated by many even after the singer, composer, musicians are dead and lives on, the power of feelings clenches art from death and gives new life, with each era.

Survival for the fittest, is a slogan that is true. Waves form ocean but every wave is seen, and without waves, the ocean ceases to be.


The young artists were all sitting in a group by the fire. They wanted to do something different in their art. Should be different…was the one thing going around in their mind.

Let us use our blood and hair with nails, and then we use these fragments , giving it a different feel. Something,  others wouldn’t notice but we would, quickly they got hold of needles and scissors and nail clippers. The ten students, gave part of themselves to make a collage, but as they were composing this masterpiece, a being was passing by. The Human blood made it stop, then the being entered the minds and controlled their hands, in a frenzied state  the artist created the expression of the being, unknowingly .

There was something evil about this dark painting. What was it, nobody could tell. But, anyone who came close, could smell an odor, like burning flesh. What was dead ? The exhibitionist sprayed everything to make the room fresh, but no the staleness lingered. 

Then, the guard saw one night, a shadow appear from nowhere, it went to another room and returned with something dripping. He found a cat dead on the floor of the gallery. Small incidents kept on happening, but no body did anything to stop.

Then, one day it was morning hour students from a school were visiting the art gallery, suddenly the being appeared he had the claws of the cat and fire of the hell, in a blasting sound the entire group got burned and the gallery was damaged beyond recognition.

What was the source of this blast..till now no one could find out and the only painting in tact was the one by the young artist titled, ” Our souls in Collage ” 

The being has killed all the artist during the painting, he wanted more and more blood, so he literally sucked it out of their bodies making them totally weak. But, he remained there, out..someone is looking at you..when you are looking at the wall hung painting exhibitions.