The young artists were all sitting in a group by the fire. They wanted to do something different in their art. Should be different…was the one thing going around in their mind.

Let us use our blood and hair with nails, and then we use these fragments , giving it a different feel. Something,  others wouldn’t notice but we would, quickly they got hold of needles and scissors and nail clippers. The ten students, gave part of themselves to make a collage, but as they were composing this masterpiece, a being was passing by. The Human blood made it stop, then the being entered the minds and controlled their hands, in a frenzied state  the artist created the expression of the being, unknowingly .

There was something evil about this dark painting. What was it, nobody could tell. But, anyone who came close, could smell an odor, like burning flesh. What was dead ? The exhibitionist sprayed everything to make the room fresh, but no the staleness lingered. 

Then, the guard saw one night, a shadow appear from nowhere, it went to another room and returned with something dripping. He found a cat dead on the floor of the gallery. Small incidents kept on happening, but no body did anything to stop.

Then, one day it was morning hour students from a school were visiting the art gallery, suddenly the being appeared he had the claws of the cat and fire of the hell, in a blasting sound the entire group got burned and the gallery was damaged beyond recognition.

What was the source of this blast..till now no one could find out and the only painting in tact was the one by the young artist titled, ” Our souls in Collage ” 

The being has killed all the artist during the painting, he wanted more and more blood, so he literally sucked it out of their bodies making them totally weak. But, he remained there, out..someone is looking at you..when you are looking at the wall hung painting exhibitions.


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