The performing art, visuals and literature

What is so appealing in art form that makes us remember and relate. The very power of performance, the dialogues. The moments, when we feel sad  they make us happy, while smiling sometimes we cry, in depression and suddenly get high and when angry , we settle down and avoid to get fried.

The performing art has power to change moods, induce  feelings and we borrow it frequently, because we think it is exactly depicting our senses, with better expressions.

So, in short, we become fans/ followers and we tend to look and read those that our favorites  do new. We love them and respect them, because they can make us live the human nature at its finest

Culture, customs and beliefs are transferred from generations. we dress, eat and dance due to many historical events. Climate and technologies also play its part, but now that world is getting global and no wonder, it is warming up !! so melt down and count down may one day begin.

It is simple,that our hearing, seeing, speaking and listening are woven by feelings, like a song having a melody, a tune played with words and sung once  by the singer, and repeated by many even after the singer, composer, musicians are dead and lives on, the power of feelings clenches art from death and gives new life, with each era.

Survival for the fittest, is a slogan that is true. Waves form ocean but every wave is seen, and without waves, the ocean ceases to be.

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