reasons he is uninterested

Ever thought..seriously..why he was so much in touch and no heart feels lost and woeful.Don’t look at me..I am not a man..I am a woman who have experienced, this unfriendly attitude..much too often.

Let me tell you rather remind you, about this hunter instinct in a man. He is actually discovering you, your  physical appearance seemed obviously, he wants to know how you are as a person. That is why he was so much interested in you.

Then ? 

Then he found out that you are not what he was actually looking for in a person. So, he tells you by action and not words..

NO ! what part of no you don’t understand. Answer is  the beginning with end..But, ladies please open your eyes and mind, and close your mouth.. tight listen carefully..there are five reasons for his recent u-turn.

1. You are not what you projected. You are not a fake, but he is also not into a false pretense.

2. He got a life and you are not his life.

3. He really is a hunter and not changing his profession to a farmer, your grass land is infertile for his liking/ crops.

4. He got a real interest in another girl friend and he is already  checking her out. Your time is over and out.

5. He goes offline when you come online, he acts busy when you are free. He knows your schedule too. he is avoiding you!!!

Got it 🙂 

Next time..what? time  don’t take any man seriously..yes..unless he becomes your man 

One comment on “reasons he is uninterested

  1. Eric says:

    …Or, girls, you have hurt his hunter-ego by taking him for granted and focusing on other things, unfairly applying to him your hurt or lack of trust from past relationships or refraining to give him his daily strokes, he being the weaker sex… “Life According to a Man”, by Eric M. Vogt… bahahahahahahahaha!

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