are we progressing ?

Societies are destablizing, values are changing in the name of acceptance, the dark side is becoming a part of the light. People are independent  and have now become lonely. Technology has advanced and connections are made possible to distant strangers, but those nearby are never getting connected. Land gets developed and structures come up and quickly disappear, landmarks vanish and the cities face changes so often, we hold on to the historical sites for maintaining some relationships. Food preparations are getting mixed up, that taste buds are getting confused 🙂

Hybrid vegetable and fast growing fruits, got a huge size but no taste. Those who eat are also similar,,yes got size no taste..waist line is becoming longer than shoulder and feet are getting invisible. Richer are getting richer…poor poorer and middle income, they are hanging from top and trying to escape from the pull below.

The education system has loaded students with opportunities and avenues with diversity, yet the minds remain puzzled. Nations are losing nationalities, cultures are getting all mixed up. Reglions are there and would remain, but followers..they are going haywire.

People have made their self/ego/me their gods, each one bowing to what pleases their inner will. Lost the very thought of behaving properly, becaue that has become out dated. Too many debates on is being good actually right.When it comes to being either, no one in sight.

Life has become healthy and people do live longer, but life has become empty and spirit a wanderer. Beliefs and faith seems a terminologies used in years thats passed. The new thinking has faith only on production capacity and consumer marketing.

AS, if we come on earth to sell, ourselves and our aim is to get a good buyer. A multinational compay or a rich nation. Anyone who can pay my price, my tag says sold! I am happy too, otherwise I have no value. Auctions of cricketers are increasing, soon we will find ourselves auctioned in general. Infact, countries like India, Pakistand and Bangladesh the grroms are auctioned..the bride side pays a huge sum as per the quailification of the groom.I thought slavery was out dated, yet this is introduced in a new way.

Save earth! heard this slogan and re-use  is another way to turn green 🙂 Saw pictures of transported empty iron containers adorning cities, is that re-use or misuse of an important piece of land? It is like serving crmbs with ketchup on a billion dollar plate, well land is expensive to serve the container is it not 🙂

Politicians got ways, and each one can speak and promise many things , but few can be chased to see , whether promise was kept. Leaders are they leading or being secretly led by an underground world mafia.

I ask again..are we progressing 🙂

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