Need is a mother of invention Indeed.


We need, to a invent a medicine, that cures our dead soul, revive it to be alive .

We need to correct our vision as insight, for we must be able to look into as we are able to see.

We, must be able to listen not hear out..we need that gadget that makes us accept and not reject even before listening.

We, need to learn to speak, a voice amplifier that can sound strong , instead of meek..when wolves surround the lambs in creek.

We, need today to invent s filter that can wash away sins, too much pollution is in the societyand we collect those like bins.

We, need a mirror that makes us ugly, as we commit sins, waking usup to see our ugliness and when we do something good, it shows improvement. Nothing shows more clearly than a mirror 😉

We need to be more than just inviduals, who are like leaves fallen from tree..and getting collected in groups with unknown people.

We need to find ourselves, reach out and touch our heart, it has turned into stone, can not beat nor feel or cry.

We need to invent..if you hear me..scientists , researchers please invent a device, a medicine, a concept to live happily ever after 🙂

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