What if…………..Wednesday #3

What if…..you won the Powerball Jackpot? 337 Million Dollars. After taxes it was 152 Million. What would you do with it? Would you help anyone? Would you still live where you live?

Anything that starts with, “If” is a story..and so I am aware that I never did or would win any lottery..so its safe to think aloud…

What if.. Wednesday…..

Yes..so where was I, right 🙂 on the first step of dream land !! won millions paid in millions the tax 😉 now what I never earned , had to be given away in tax..is not really like a dream..but then due to tax department ever pressing demand..let Tax enter the world of delight..Okay.so paid tax..so far so  good..What would I do :))

I will try to find out various investment plans..for I know cash sitting for long will get taxed..again 🙂

Secured the cash flow and then find a charity organization..to sign off tax 🙂 no wonder I never  win any lottery..such a calculative mind seldom can pray for a miracle. okay..income secured , tax avoided..now whats my goals for this huge amount in millions.

I would form a social group..where young students can borrow money for their tution with boarding all over the world..yes sort of  a loan..and later they can pay back..

I would also  like to form a team, all professionals..architects, accountants, engineers, lawyers and researchers..to find a way or develop a system for improving the way people think and progress…Yes..people should be conscious of what is good and bad..then they should also get some valuable insight ..for developing their potential..in taking care of their families/relatives /neighbours and city..Every social improvement must have a direct effect on city’s development.

Then..I would like to purchase farm land and do some genetic work on cash crop improvement..food is important..

Lastly, I would try all my innovative ideas  for  future. My favourite is, to have windows without glass panes..yes to have a window with only opening and air filtered through pores to be used to form a film…second is to be able to do telepathy and get a feel of a place from somewhere else..third is…to have cash free economy..yes..invisible transition..people get paid but there is no cash/coins..no banks..just value added for your work :)) and so on and so  forth..since I will not be pressed for money..I can think about more innovative ideas and work with my team for implementation..and if successful..market it 😉

if..I did win I will go around the universe but prefer to stay at earth :))

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip :)))))))))))


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