I do discover but seldom invent


I know my self, sometimes others try to understand me . I fail to understand , why they want to discover me?

I introduce myself to, me  each day. Sometimes, I am the leader and at others; I am the sole follower of my ideas and concepts.. I want to test and fail,  then I will discover my potential to think and do it too.

I invent everything that is called ,” solution” I know, it got a liquid effect. Take your problems and dissolve it, in a liquid that got power to evaporate worries or disappear that roughness or crude hatred I feel..

Ultimately, I am trying to change myself, in term of improvement but each day, I take one step forward I go back two..so I am progressing bakwards..yes..I am returning from where I started..no it doesn’t decrease my age. I  am retracing my steps to find, where did I took a tangent and tried to escape, “Me” .

People ask, is it wise to be good. Is it right to be honest. Does moral values have any cost effectiveness?

I listen and also try to asnwer..but some how they never asked me for getting any asnwers. They asked, to challenge my answers;) tricky people ..I love them ..makes me go back and get something old that is new..

One  woman asked, is it okay to stay together/ live together without marriage..I kept on saying no..and I got a heap of words like stone all over me.bruising me.because they thought yes was the correct asnwer..and I was writing..”No” and not only that, I was even supporting my idea with gently push of religious back ground etc..I completely, forgot that in this new era..People have  come to realize that they don’t need any god..maybe they think they are self made 😉 ..I mean they think ..so I am stating..So..I rediscover my self and I try to tell and explain to me..that even if the whole world got really advanced and left all sorts of religious and cultural bindings..and progressed..ahead..I better go back to my dark ages and smile..not because..I will get better or more intelligent..its because..I got tired of being depressed..and sad..with the way values are getting evaporated instead of the problems…and I must invent a reason to smile for myself..once more..again..


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