Daily prompt- Unknown Caller

Sandra ;” hello”

Unknown Caller  :” is that Sandy ?”

Sandra, ” NO”

UC ;” Martha ?”

Sandra ,” No”

UC ;” Jenny ?”

Sandra,” no “

UC ;” Who are you ?”

Sandra.” Not anyone you know “

UC.” But..I want to know you “

Sandra.” Why?”

UC,”because..you sound like someone I should know”

Sandra,” Thats because..you are free and trying to get into conversation”

UC,” being alone is not a crime “

Sandra,” talking to strangers is a felony”

UC.” Suppose I ask you? What is my name “

Sandra,” Mike?”

UC;” NO”

Sandra,” Steve ?”


Sandra,” James ?”

UC .” no”

Sandra,” Whats your name ?”

UC,” will you tell me your name too ?”

Sandra,” no”

UC,” then give me a name “

Sandra.” how about, idiot?”


Sandra,” Daffy ?”

UC,” Yesssssssssssssss..I like daffy..and sine you know my name can we now be friends ?”

Sandra,” I don’t like Daffy” 

phone went dead



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