Wake up !! to make up


Many articles appear , online and paper . It seems physical appearance is taking over like a trip to Mars. Few has undergone surgery to appear good ,in their uploaded pictures ..looks counts..Inner beauty theory doesn’t work or if it does, it doesn’t last.

Eyes are two but sees how you look good, for image is seen by the mind and if ugly or not pretty, you are dropped off the line !!!

Yes, its true. Good looking, not really beautiful or sizzling attractive, just basic good looks are enough to attract, ofcourse, your mind/intelligence would make them stay.

So..good looks is a bait..to catch potential followers/friends/buddies..few would be trapped for good :)))))) 

Smile its the best..but do you need denture to be fixed? Then don’t smile, it will turn out to be your last smile !!!

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