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Am alone or lonely


I am not alone

just a bit lonely

If you could find a soul mate

for me only

to talk with freely

to walk away for miles

to have not to look for a reason to smile

Can you bring me roses?

Can you keep fragrance alive?

Can you capture beauty?

Can you feel how I am from inside?

garden a place to be -BHG


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Keys for you

I may not be sexy

but am sensual and true 😉

I hold keys pressed between my teeth

dangling for you

catch it or pull it

its for the secret door

and it does sway

to allure you once more

would you like to stay 😉

or visit another time

when you are in mood to play

and drink up some lime



What to eat and not to eat

We got such a wide variety of food preparation , with climate, culture and taste. Each one can select as per affordability and personal choice. But , criteria must follow thinking, for health and as per social values.
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