Normal life happy life

Wars and conflicts. National level to international perspective. The dark ages are catching up with one part of the population..this darkness has spread due to greed.
There are many leaders in the political arena and each one is learned and a favorite..that is why..they are leaders..Still..there is a dilemma ..getting re-elected or nominated..which system will be enforced and who should bring justice ..or try and control ..what is bad or good ..
In this chaos..normal life is a blessing..if you can wake up without fear of getting hit by a drone attack or cluster feel have peace..
Peace is more or less similar to good health..when you have take it for granted..but when you loose try hardly to regain it.
Peace is progress..and health is a stamp for getting a go 🙂 All those nations who are still enjoying peace must feel is a need for establishing freedom..
Poor health cripples our body..and mind..and disturbances cripples our life..economics goes down and we get unrest. and take care of yourself and your country ..Now 🙂


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