Word Press – options to read

There are of course the selection of Blogs I follow. But, it would be nice if I could select the blogger by inserting the alphabets.Those who are reading my blogs, gets to be shown  over the bar..next to Freshly Pressed..there can be who was reading and what 🙂 That could tell the blogger..what is that others like. And…if we could have options of selecting few , those who write and will write again in continuation..I would like to see..who wrote what on a certain date..before or after reading my blog..why? Well..it could be an indication does my writing inspire others..for all others sure do inspire me..I love to write a comment..to express my feelings or reaction..which maybe at tangent to the topic posted..but then mind is always so independent. I can not tell my mind to write, it commands my fingers to type..and as I read ..I find what my brains is up to..So where was I ?

Yes..Word Press could make a slot, for writing the name of any blogger that I may want to read..or see..even if they had written earlier and I had missed out..which is bad ..but then blogging is my hobby not my job 🙂