The Land of Didn’t Care~ by rldubour

lovely poem


The Land of Didn’t Care

The morning sun come rising up, over the garden wall.

Shone on a girl so saddened there, she did not hear its call.

Come shine we me it said to her, come dance upon the lawn.

Come touch the trees, the flowers too, come celebrate the dawn.

She did not move, nor give a sign, she was as still as air.

The problem seemed she had reached, the land of didn’t care.

The land were only strangers meet and strangers they remain.

The land of quiet broken hearts, wait to laugh again.

Step inside, touch a heart, mend a smile my friend.

Make her hear, make her see, bring her home again.

The sun rose high above the clouds and cast a shadow so.

On that girl so saddened there, she did not see its glow.

Come out from within the darkness, come look upon…

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We come here, so we must one day go :)

Autumn, the time we hear news about death of those,

who were with us but are no more

We, know time is nearing for us to go

from this temporary world to a permanent abode

Are we prepared for this journey or not

Can you remember your earlier thoughts

We come alone and also leave on our own.

Yet need others to carry us , once more

earlier it was a delivery from womb

Now, we are washed , dressed for an earthy tomb