Learn ..by doing or reading

Learning is an ongoing process, never a product as a degree or  an award. Recognition is for achievements when we use our knowledge and expertise to test, and get an applause from within hearts and mind , as others watch us get the job done.

We, learn from other’s mistakes to avoid making our set of mistakes, yet from time to time, we really want to risk. why 🙂 because we think we can get it done without failing. We, want to try with new techniques, approaches and methods in solving the same problem. We, get frustrated when new problems arrives, or we get entangled in multi-tier confusions , when a single solution triggers many hidden issues.

Still, we try..when we are passionate to our goal or cause, we want to achieve and get the result as desired. In this struggle, we actually make other’s realize and identify those mistakes that we made, and could have been avoided. Well, this is actually intelligent because you evaluate your potentials and weigh it against the problem or issues.

In all cases, we are still learning ..are we enjoying too 🙂 that depends how many times you broke your self respect and deflated your trust in your self..only our inner voice can make us hear or you would become deaf …. so use your potential, learn and experience ..but try not to repeat your mistakes .. too many would make you a ” mistake”