What we expect and do ?

Our role in society is limited till we decide to take a plunge. As a citizen we want to object , yet we like to remain anonymous for we are insecure at work and home even on road. The constant fear of being subjected to cruelty haunts us , as we say or do anything that can be labelled as challenging.

People get murdered, maimed, ridiculed and wrongly accused of crimes they never committed, all because they dared to raise their voice to be heard. Every truth has a price to be paid, and lies are growing like creepers entangling all our resources, crossing our mouth to silence our lips, blind folds are eyes , ears are hearing to human screams , each day and every moment as statics display alarming figures of crime rates.

We have many avenues to blame starting with high density population, poverty, corruption and injustice. Wait..the last one is the most probably a reason why people are so unruly. When we start to sympathize with criminals and ignore the victims state ..that is the moment we are giving them edge to bail out and commit similar sins to new victims.

We must expect to be punished  if we commit any harm to people ,through fake medicines, or spraying formalin on food, stealing young born from hospitals, killing/cutting women like vegetables..we must punish or the culprits would become dare devils and repeat their crimes with more force ..society is no more civil ..nor courteous or respectful..as if being a nice person is synonymous to being a weak person.

Wake up! Shake up and Take up the role of being just in your thoughts and actions ..start with thoughts ..actions will follow.


Learn ..by doing or reading

Learning is an ongoing process, never a product as a degree or  an award. Recognition is for achievements when we use our knowledge and expertise to test, and get an applause from within hearts and mind , as others watch us get the job done.

We, learn from other’s mistakes to avoid making our set of mistakes, yet from time to time, we really want to risk. why 🙂 because we think we can get it done without failing. We, want to try with new techniques, approaches and methods in solving the same problem. We, get frustrated when new problems arrives, or we get entangled in multi-tier confusions , when a single solution triggers many hidden issues.

Still, we try..when we are passionate to our goal or cause, we want to achieve and get the result as desired. In this struggle, we actually make other’s realize and identify those mistakes that we made, and could have been avoided. Well, this is actually intelligent because you evaluate your potentials and weigh it against the problem or issues.

In all cases, we are still learning ..are we enjoying too 🙂 that depends how many times you broke your self respect and deflated your trust in your self..only our inner voice can make us hear or you would become deaf …. so use your potential, learn and experience ..but try not to repeat your mistakes .. too many would make you a ” mistake”

Normal life ..is happy life

Wars and conflicts. National level to international perspective. The dark ages are catching up with one part of the population..this darkness has spread due to greed.
There are many leaders in the political arena and each one is learned and a favorite..that is why..they are leaders..Still..there is a dilemma ..getting re-elected or nominated..which system will be enforced and who should bring justice ..or try and control ..what is bad or good ..
In this chaos..normal life is a blessing..if you can wake up without fear of getting hit by a drone attack or cluster bomb..you feel safe..you have peace..
Peace is more or less similar to good health..when you have it..you take it for granted..but when you loose it..you try hardly to regain it.
Peace is progress..and health is a stamp for getting a go 🙂 All those nations who are still enjoying peace must feel happy..it is a need for establishing freedom..
Poor health cripples our body..and mind..and disturbances cripples our life..economics goes down and we get unrest.
Treasure..it and take care of yourself and your country ..Now 🙂

Quit Smoking :)

A  common addiction mostly accepted with a frown. Yet it is an addiction. What makes smoking so unbearable is, it makes your family, friends and team workers a passive smokers. This one single reason is good enough to make you think..Smoking is injurious to your loved ones..and its you who is giving them this slow poison.

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_cigarette_butts_in_ashtray so how do you know its the last one..that you crushed.

You don’t..that is why you need all effort from yourself and others to pull you away from this visible fire..burning you down with others.

getty_rm_photo_of_glowing_tip_of_cigarette the time you smoke..you are using it for getting mind off an issue or trying to focus on something, in both instances it makes you so weak that ..its a need rather a want. That is why..smokers want to just get one more drag..

artlife_rf_photo_of_woman_eating_celery Yep..a cucumber can be a good replacement ..doesn’t burn and is healthy too.

jiu_rf_photo_of_woman_holding_money_jar You need to save all those cash ..in a visible jar..to make you realize that ..smoking is expensive and dangerous.

So..try  not to pick the first cigarette to your lips..you never can tell how long it will stick .and make your  life at risk..Be happy ..Don’t Smoke 🙂 Please

Images Source : Web Md.

Self Control

Self control 🙂 Something I never did..because there was and is someone who controls me 🙂 I give in..because I am the youngest in the family so tend to be a meek person..always dependent on others.

Before marriage, my parents  and grandparents would be in control and now it seems, my husband controls my actions.

I never revolted, basically because I knew they were right…I like it this way..there is freedom with limitations and I never make wrong decisions..because no one ask me ..they always tell me..I am a follower..but a bit tricky..I make them believe that it’s their idea and I initiate all ideas..ah! Now who controls.. I , myself..I control 🙂

Ladies value your catch ;)

Discover the REAL reasons a man falls in love… to the point where he feels he HAS to have you – and only YOU 🙂

Now that is hard..he may fall for you but “Only you” is rather  hard for the  poor fella.he  is liberal and got a loving heart..he is sure he can love  many..including you and others..can you accept that:)

The ONLY way to truly connect with a man’s heart (it’s not what you think…) It is what he thinks ..and mind you..in a man’s mind..things are a bit complicated..what he wants ..he seldom puts it into words..you have to vigilantly watch his moves..like a detective story…without  commenting.Then he always write in between the lines with invisible  ink..so you got to think..what he likes in the posted link.

The specific words and body language that instantly compel a man to get closer to you . You have to be a specialist..in reading  his instant swinging moods.. the voltage high likes and dislike..if you can not read his mind..he will escape your trap.

How to keep a man from withdrawing and becoming distant . This one is easy..STOP nagging.. Don’t complain .if he ignores you.. Stay cool..if he never looks towards you and is glued to the wrestlemania .Give him space..and keep some space for him..beside you :))

How to get his attention and make him see you as the prize he needs to pursue . Be smart, not needy and  just have your own life..he may drop by..that time leave everything and focus on him..He will think of you as a very special person..because.” you never make him an essential part of your life in real

A simple shift that makes you magnetically attractive to a man and sets you apart from other women.. you have decided to ignore him and have your own life..it certainly works 😉

Men are  men..and  ladies..please treat them with care..they  like to be loved and patted..pampered and showered with praise..but..be  careful not to make it  obvious ..they also got a hidden side..yep EGO 🙂