In or out

Either come in

Or stay out

Don’t linger on door

As if you forgot

Who  waits for you

Who knows you are out

It is about

Heart and loving thoughts


I am me , can you find do you see?

I sit down 🙂
I look pretty much like myself
I reply..even after 4 months
I am friendly..when I am around 🙂
I am absent…because I got a life in real
Yep 🙂
I answer..but not always what you expect.

Ode to love

Ode To Love…
my last respect
my last and then I will leave
never can you bring me back
for tonight the night of burning in stack
only fire and fumes
only burned love doomed
only tears
nothing will fire up anymore
no one will wait for you at door
nobody to share woes
All is gone and away
nothing last forever
Nor stay
today will pass too
and it will be yesterday
Call loudly as you may
will not return
will not reply
can not live on ashes of love ..left to burn ..all the way

confused mind

Can You.. or Me…
I read every word you wrote
I re-read to find solace
I couldn’t find any
Your feelings has changed indeed
No more am I worth any comforting words
I was never sad before
Now, I am not happy anymore
I yearned to be with you
To hold hands
To see you smile
You are all that makes my inner spirit rise
My heart though broken
My mind now stunned
I have no where to run, from my self
this blow is not the last to come
I faced many harsh words by known and unknown
You have joined the list of those who hate me
I can not believe, but it is true
I still love you..but you never loved me.
now I know..for sure

Can we change ?

Life’s journey
You learn to walk and if you managed to stay
You have learned to live in a world
that changes each it grow older
or redeveloped in many ways
People have left it to discover worlds
waiting with spectacular array
of light, hope and love
for humans who pursue the truth
if change is important..and evolution is destined
why things remain the same..and only few change?
am I playing with words again ?
the topic is serious and challenging
Think..wait..a moment ..are we not merely the users/viewers
The creator has done it all..left us to use ..
Remember..we learn and develop our insight
But..we can seldom claim to contribute or be a witness
to the creation of this universe..that has reasons within..
find it..and perhaps..change
the question remains..

We come here, so we must one day go :)

Autumn, the time we hear news about death of those,

who were with us but are no more

We, know time is nearing for us to go

from this temporary world to a permanent abode

Are we prepared for this journey or not

Can you remember your earlier thoughts

We come alone and also leave on our own.

Yet need others to carry us , once more

earlier it was a delivery from womb

Now, we are washed , dressed for an earthy tomb