Ode to love

Ode To Love…
my last respect
my last and then I will leave
never can you bring me back
for tonight the night of burning in stack
only fire and fumes
only burned love doomed
only tears
nothing will fire up anymore
no one will wait for you at door
nobody to share woes
All is gone and away
nothing last forever
Nor stay
today will pass too
and it will be yesterday
Call loudly as you may
will not return
will not reply
can not live on ashes of love ..left to burn ..all the way


confused mind

Can You.. or Me…
I read every word you wrote
I re-read to find solace
I couldn’t find any
Your feelings has changed indeed
No more am I worth any comforting words
I was never sad before
Now, I am not happy anymore
I yearned to be with you
To hold hands
To see you smile
You are all that makes my inner spirit rise
My heart though broken
My mind now stunned
I have no where to run, from my self
this blow is not the last to come
I faced many harsh words by known and unknown
You have joined the list of those who hate me
I can not believe, but it is true
I still love you..but you never loved me.
now I know..for sure


So sad..yet it brings a smile

Richard M. Ankers - Author

You took too much from me

My heart it would not bleed

The essence of the man I was

Adrift in viscous seas

You tore the truth in slices

And peeled away the dreams

A solitary devotion

Collapsed me to my knees

Drowning in slow motion

Drowning in degrees

Drowning though I know its wrong

Drowning sets me free

You laughed as I trod water

Your foot atop of me

And though I begged and shouted

Refused to meet my needs

Until I slipped from underneath

To swim amongst the reeds

And saw you watching with a smile

My wicked Annalise

Drowning in slow motion

Drowning in degrees

Drowning though I know its wrong

Drowning sets me free

The water grew distorted

It bent the rays of thee

A cruel turquoise encounter

Beneath salinity

And there in newfound freedoms

I gulped Pacific breeze

As lungs did fill forever

Set free…

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November evening

the sun sent painted the sky as blooming flowers in natures garden

See Norway - Se Norge

En helt vanlig novemberkveld ringte min telefon: ‘Du bør ta med deg kameraet og komme de deg ut!’ Naboene mine har etter hvert våknet til hva jeg holder på med og de passer på når noe skjer . . .
Jeg oppdaget jo fort at jeg igjen var ute i siste liten, men det gjør egentlig ikke så mye. Jeg får litt dypere farger ved dårligere belysning.
Bilde 008bOn an quite ordinary November evening my telephone rang:
‘You ought to get out here! And bring your camera!
My neighbours have discovered what I’m doing an d it doesn’t take much to make my phone ring . . .
And pretty fast I discovered that once more I was kind of late. Hovever, it doesn’t matter all that much since I’m getting deeper colors when the sun is extra low on the horizon.
Bilde 010bOg for at dere skal få med dere et…

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What we expect and do ?

Our role in society is limited till we decide to take a plunge. As a citizen we want to object , yet we like to remain anonymous for we are insecure at work and home even on road. The constant fear of being subjected to cruelty haunts us , as we say or do anything that can be labelled as challenging.

People get murdered, maimed, ridiculed and wrongly accused of crimes they never committed, all because they dared to raise their voice to be heard. Every truth has a price to be paid, and lies are growing like creepers entangling all our resources, crossing our mouth to silence our lips, blind folds are eyes , ears are hearing to human screams , each day and every moment as statics display alarming figures of crime rates.

We have many avenues to blame starting with high density population, poverty, corruption and injustice. Wait..the last one is the most probably a reason why people are so unruly. When we start to sympathize with criminals and ignore the victims state ..that is the moment we are giving them edge to bail out and commit similar sins to new victims.

We must expect to be punished  if we commit any harm to people ,through fake medicines, or spraying formalin on food, stealing young born from hospitals, killing/cutting women like vegetables..we must punish or the culprits would become dare devils and repeat their crimes with more force ..society is no more civil ..nor courteous or respectful..as if being a nice person is synonymous to being a weak person.

Wake up! Shake up and Take up the role of being just in your thoughts and actions ..start with thoughts ..actions will follow.