Hope is..

Life has a purpose and we hope for that to become reality. We hope for a better result , a better life and most of all we hope we become better person. Learn something new, do things more precisely, avoid mistakes..dodge them if not overcome.
But, each day we have a hope, till we have it nothing is lost but the moment you find that hope is going to disappear with a last hip hop..that’s the time to catch it..for without hope nothing can be achieved.
Remember one thing, sadness not the tragedies , but sadness low feelings or bad mood are the retarders and these diminish your hope. try to be positive and one day you can be what you wanted to be hopefully.
I didn’t include tragedies, because that has happened and you can not bring it back or change that, all you can do is move on..if that’s at all possible and hope for something else or someone else..Life never is a game..although we have team work, we enjoy the victories and fear the loss, we have a time and after that..time out..but we can not play it..we have to live it my friends..


want to know

Discover Me… You want to know me? Then you have to understand me..My mind. my mood..my thoughts and my intentions too.
You want to open me ? Did you bring a hammer to bash me open, or fingers to untie the knot..or words to enter my head..You want to challenge me? What did you prepare..a question or a riddle..or perhaps a million dollar invention…
You want to befriend me :))) just your loving heart and broad mind..that is all we need..for friends are for all times..no need to understand just be as you are and feel free..its not a captivity..its not a deal..no trade..no exchange..just me and you..bring yourself..and I am here for you :)))


The coming of night brings in peace ..sleep is a need. While we dream or just sleep like a log..we never feel anyone or anything ..it is some what similar to death..each night..is then a way to die and when we wake up the next morning..we must be thankful for another day..although nobody can fix a time for death..remembering it has some benefits. It makes us value time and the need to complete all unfinished task..think if tomorrow you never wake up..what things are crucial..did you say sorry to the one you caused sadness..did you smile to your family..have you paid debts..were you prompt in your daily prayers..think and check..before you close your eyes..what if you drift away without saying a good bye 🙂

Daily Prompt : Clean House.

Daily Prompt post:Is there junk in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it ?

Clean House ..the first step towards a better home. Quality of life is related with cleanliness. What makes a life junkie /messed up..it is the unused items that makes the clutter high as mountains. A modest approach reduces it to a manageable level.
We, all want to control our life..and the best way is to let go of those that are never part of us..but we want to hold on to .
Those dreams that have expired..let them get buried and try to have fresh dreams.. The life your parents wanted you to lead..but you couldn’t tell them..see you in a new life..the one you made for yourself and be happy..worrying about what is not possible makes the present an unhappy life..that adds to garbage.

Clean your soul..let it get the purity from being honest and sweet..let go of revenge and resentment..that makes you frown and you scold everyone within your reach..that is also a clutter..of miseries that never let you have a clean thinking.
If, past haunts you..memories chase you ..try to make new events part of your past..each day..you pass.adds to your past..So..use the present and build..
I am doing that..yes..each day..I let go of a wrong doing..I recover a lost smile..I vanish the unsaid desires..and make my heart clean..after all no one can enter a cluttered scene 🙂

Quit Smoking :)

A  common addiction mostly accepted with a frown. Yet it is an addiction. What makes smoking so unbearable is, it makes your family, friends and team workers a passive smokers. This one single reason is good enough to make you think..Smoking is injurious to your loved ones..and its you who is giving them this slow poison.

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_cigarette_butts_in_ashtray so how do you know its the last one..that you crushed.

You don’t..that is why you need all effort from yourself and others to pull you away from this visible fire..burning you down with others.

getty_rm_photo_of_glowing_tip_of_cigarette the time you smoke..you are using it for getting mind off an issue or trying to focus on something, in both instances it makes you so weak that ..its a need rather a want. That is why..smokers want to just get one more drag..

artlife_rf_photo_of_woman_eating_celery Yep..a cucumber can be a good replacement ..doesn’t burn and is healthy too.

jiu_rf_photo_of_woman_holding_money_jar You need to save all those cash ..in a visible jar..to make you realize that ..smoking is expensive and dangerous.

So..try  not to pick the first cigarette to your lips..you never can tell how long it will stick .and make your  life at risk..Be happy ..Don’t Smoke 🙂 Please

Images Source : Web Md.

Success ..

In materialistic life two things are  important. Looks and Money. Those who are good looking get favors that  normal people need to earn..Money..those who are rich also get favors..that they don’t need but..are blessed as  if..it makes the one who gives  happy..So , it means good looks and solvency, are two criteria for being popular.

Nothing  bad. Just that in material world, we have to compete to get this two or at least one of the two.Only , then we can move  in the social circle as being admired , and not ridiculed. 

Question is..why do we need this applause ? Well..everyone  likes a praises  even flattery..it just makes us smile..unless we doubt their sincerity.. this  means..others are making  fun of us..by saying/using nice words but their group has thought about this as a way to insult our dressings or accent.

We..may ask our-self why we want to be in this circle ? Answer  is connection. Yes..the key to success  is about being well connected and influential. For system has many loop holes  where connections help you to go through the hole..like a small cute rat..skip skip and jump 🙂 

So..what is success..the ability to make others act as per your need or wants..with less effort getting more result..time is money..:)

Are you turning into what you use ?


Are you turning into a machine

You want to be better than the  other guy it seems

Excel in making money, learning new themes

But you  live a life, or vent  it out for extremes

slowly  your heart  is no more than a pump

beating for  making blood run in streams

your mind is a calculating even in dreams

You look but never see

use  microscope but not eyes

detail is larger than actual size

what have you become ?

A robotic version of hybrid breed

no emotions can stop you indeed

You  dispose off people

and  sights remain unseen

you are here but not in real 😉

you are the excellent superb marvelous


get real 😉