Hope is..

Life has a purpose and we hope for that to become reality. We hope for a better result , a better life and most of all we hope we become better person. Learn something new, do things more precisely, avoid mistakes..dodge them if not overcome.
But, each day we have a hope, till we have it nothing is lost but the moment you find that hope is going to disappear with a last hip hop..that’s the time to catch it..for without hope nothing can be achieved.
Remember one thing, sadness not the tragedies , but sadness low feelings or bad mood are the retarders and these diminish your hope. try to be positive and one day you can be what you wanted to be hopefully.
I didn’t include tragedies, because that has happened and you can not bring it back or change that, all you can do is move on..if that’s at all possible and hope for something else or someone else..Life never is a game..although we have team work, we enjoy the victories and fear the loss, we have a time and after that..time out..but we can not play it..we have to live it my friends..


The global scenario

Communication has improved. People are more aware,and get updates directly from the internet. Yet, the dark side didn’t diminish. Literacy, has increased, health issues are resolved, robots are working and escalators are designed for reaching planets. This mobility, has dis connected people from their local areas and connected them to total strangers or beings..if we all land up at Jupiter 😉

The ethenicity has got so many over laps, that heredity is now measured in percentage, few can write I am 100% American, or Indian..people mix, and hybrids are every where..genetics has improved plants and somehow..people too..but that fake/false effect has started to appear..nothing is pure or original..most of the things are mixed and  match..even if we don’t like..we accept it..because that is a global trend..languages, religions and customs , every thing that was marked as traditional or sacred, sometimes are used/abused in humour writing..are we slowly becoming entertainers..or/and  totally mixed plate..sweet and  sour..hot and cold, so sort of luke warm..can not make tea nor a drink..why? is it me..or do you also feel this amalgamation..

How you make other’s feel.

Are you sensitive or touchy? ..

You are only sensitive if you can feel how other’s feel and you are touchy, if you only feel for yourself and nobody else.


Do you inspire or turn people envious ?

You can inspire when you awaken their minds and find ways to achieve their goals, and you turn them envious, when you push them in corners with dim light and no scope.


Do you love more or respect  ?

You love more, when you accept them as human and respect more, when you are humane.


Do you back bite or praise right?

You back bite, when you can not be as good as that person, and you praise right, when that person has  taught you to think, right 😉