Summer afternnons

When its summer and noon, then mostly everyone is sleeping. it was time to sneak out to the veranda  where on old newspaper, thinly sliced lemons mixed with salts of a unique mix was kept for drying. If I take one piece, it didn’t matter. This was easy, take one piece and spread the others. But, if each day I pick three, how can the spacing be :)) larger the gaps and lesser the slices.. Soon, the newspaper would be made smaller too. it was of course, very clear, who was taking the slices and sharing with other siblings. after, few years, i asked my grandma about this, she replied, ” I was really happy that you three found my recipe so delicious, that you didn’t sleep but took a way three pieces sometimes four, and I know who got the extra piece too:) 

me.” why didn’t you complain, like wait till its done”

grandma,” nothing was more satisfying then seeing that shine on your face, those eyes that squeezed in delight o taste the tangerine slices, dipped in mixtures. Sometimes, life is also like that, passing is better than end.”

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